Putting My Cameo To Use

I have a confession. I have a Silhouette Cameo and I hardly EVER use it! I know I’m not the only one, right? You’re on Pinterest or in the store and see something that you Absolutely. Must. Have. Instantly a million things come to mind- all the ideas, the ways it will save you time, how much more creative you’ll be if only you had it. That was the Cameo for me. I wish I could say this was the only crafty purchase I’ve made that has sat untouched, but I’d be lying. There have been papers, kits, albums, Project Life cards, stamps, and on and on.

But the Cameo is different. It was expensive. It’s big and sits there mocking me. It involves technology (which has never been my strong suit). It’s not that I’ve NEVER put it to use. I’ve made titles and bought cut files from the Silhouette Design Store. But that’s about the extent. When I was recently cleaning up my craft room, I wiped the dust from that cutting machine and challenged myself to find ways to get the most out of it.

Slumber Party Layout

As I’ve mentioned before, I am taking an amazing online class called Ready, Sketch, Go. As the name suggests, the class is about sketches, but it is so much more! It is taught by Jen Schow and Tracie Claiborne. For every sketch they each post a process video packed with tips and tricks and ideas. I’ve learned a ton and get excited every time I sit down to put a lesson to use. (You can find out more about the class here.) One of the ideas? Cutting a large title and backing it with patterned paper. Bam! Something to do with my Cameo.

Title Close-Up

I love how the bright colors set the tone for this playful page of my niece and nephew. Creating a title this way allows you to use bold patterns or colors that would otherwise overwhelm the layout.But because they are in small doses, it conveys the mood without taking away from the photos. It’s also a great way to use your scraps! Each letter took less than 2 inches of patterned paper to fill.

Date Close-Up

Because there were so many colored photos and the title was bright, I kept the embellishments small and simple. A couple of strips of washi tape, sequins, and a tab with the date. It seems like every company is coming out with roller stamps and I have bought more than I need (see the first paragraph), but when it comes to the date I bought a plain ole stamp from Staples for $3.99. Funny how I spent so little on the stamp and use it all the time, but the Cameo rarely gets any love. Go figure!

Flair Close-Up

This flair and the patterned paper is from Lawn Fawn. When I think of happy, playful, and lighthearted- I think of Lawn Fawn. I love this pop of color and dimension.

So, how about you? What items, big or small, have you spent money on and never utilized? What would make you excited about trying it?

2 thoughts on “Putting My Cameo To Use

  1. Super cute layout 🙂 I’ll have to get started in that class, trying to finish another class 1st 🙂 Great to see an emphasis about using the cameo, I really need to use mine more often too 🙂 I think the blog looks great nice and clean

    1. Thanks, Tina! It’s such a great class. You’ll have to post your layouts in the FB group so I can see what you make.

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