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Week in the Life Day One

Week in the Life- Sunday

For years I’ve seen other people posting their photos for Week in the Life. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a project meant to capture your everyday life through pictures and words. You can learn more at Ali Edwards blog. I’ve always thought about doing it. I’ve wanted to do it. But I don’t really think of my life as exciting or interesting. Most days I get up and go to work and eat dinner and read a book. I mean- who wants to see pictures of that?

Then I saw this quote and it changed everything. “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.” Yep. C.S. Lewis nailed it. The more I thought about it, the more I thought “I’m a lucky girl! I have a great job, I’m surrounded by people I love and who love me, I have a good life.” It’s not any one thing that makes life great, is it? It’s all the little things. And those things change.

Whenever someone asks me why I scrapbook I tell them it’s a way of reflecting and appreciating my life. Don’t get me wrong- it’s not perfect. I’m a total work in progress and some days are better than others. But I think it’s important to be grateful, to have a way of seeing the everyday ordinary things that make a happy life.

So, the real question is, how could I not do Week in the Life?

Because it was my first time, I wanted to think things through without going overboard. You can read how I geared up in this post. I chose to start on Sunday, May 8th. I plan on blogging my photos each night for the previous day and I’ll do a walk-through of my album once it’s been completed. I’m by no means a professional photographer- I recently bought a DSLR that’s smarter than me and am still attempting to figure it out- but I’m going to be more intentional about the kinds of photos I take. So, without further adieu, a few photos from Sunday.

First Thing in the morning

I’m not a morning person, as you can clearly see here, but I’m going to be brave and post this picture taken with my iPhone as soon as I woke up. Don’t worry. I feel pretty confident this is the only one you’ll have to endure this week. Sundays are lazy days around my house. I’m usually awake by 8:30, but don’t get out of bed right away. I check my email, see what’s happening on Facebook, do a little reading. I’m at a place in my life where I don’t have many demands on my time on the weekends and I love it!

View from the back door

This is the view from my back door. One of the first things I do when I finally get up is open the back curtains and let in the light. Even though the day was overcast, I’m so happy that winter is over and summer is on the way. Everything is green and warm(er) and fresh.


Don’t judge me! My mom came over on Saturday for International Scrapbook Day and brought some amazing doughnuts from a local bakery. These were the leftovers and I might have had a couple with a glass of milk. #sorrynotsorry


A Sunday tradition. After breakfast, I get Calypso, one of my crested geckos, and he hangs out with me while I read or surf the net on my iPad. He loves to curl up in my shirt and looks like a little sleeping dragon. A lot of people tease me about my geckos, but I couldn’t care less. I’ve been wanting a pet for years. I don’t have time for a dog and don’t want a litter box. These little cresties are the perfect pet for me- no noise, no smell, and yes- cuddly.

Laundry Day

Sunday means laundry. This is a load of darks, but a white sock snuck in there. Story of my life!


I can often be found just like this- feet up on the coffee table, laptop at hand, green cup with ice water. I was typing up the journaling for a layout I had made the day before. And speaking of typing up journaling…


I finally got my new printer hooked up and ready to go. I won’t go into the detail of how long it took me to get the alignment page to print, or the blue streak I cussed, or how it’s still sitting on the floor because I don’t have a flat surface large enough to put it on. Instead, I’ll just focus on the fact that it works and I can now print beautiful pictures up to 13X19.


My daughter and her fianc√© stopped by to bring me goodies for Mother’s Day. Kyrstie is a pastry chef and makes all sorts of amazing things! When she was in culinary school I knew my hips were going to be in trouble. She would bring home trays of croissants and custards and cookies. I think I spent most of those days in a sugar haze. But my favorite of all her desserts is her pecan pie. Her crust is perfectly flaky. The filling rich and the nuts perfectly toasted. We each had a piece and now I have half a pie sitting on my kitchen counter that I don’t plan on sharing. Love this kid!


Out of the blue, I decided to make a quick trip to Lowes. I recently had a Murphy bed built to make more room in my craft room and am on the hunt for just the right handles. I can wander around this store for days. There’s so much to see and the possibilities are endless. Between Lowes and HGTV I could get myself in a lot of trouble!


This is Pacifico, another one of my geckos (I have 3. Remember that whole judging thing? Don’t do it.) I’ve been practicing focal points with my DSLR and this guy is often my subject. He’s so mellow and I love that he’s still so tiny.

Gecko Feeding

Another Sunday regular is cricket feeding time. It only happens twice a week, but it’s pretty exciting- for them at least. I have to admit, they’re cute hunters and the crickets are small so they don’t bother me.


I try to go to bed by 11:00 when I have to work the next day, but that rarely happens on Sunday. I’m sure it’s because I’ve laid around in bed so long, but I just can’t help myself. I started watching The 5th Wave late and it was 11:30 before it was over. Side note- I love this background on my phone right now. It’s a photo I took of tulips at the entrance to my subdivision. I’m sure the people driving by thought I was crazy, standing in the middle of the roundabout on my hands and knees, but I think it was totally worth it!

So, that’s Day One of a Week in the Life. It’s already been interesting thinking of ways to capture moments in a unique and full way. Are you doing WITL? What are some photos you are hoping to take?

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