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Week in the Life- Thursday

Thursday Traffic

Thursday has come and gone. Normally, it’s a pretty good day with the weekend right around the corner, but I have to work Saturday, so it’s just another day. I’ve been trying to think of the things I haven’t yet photographed that I want to tell stories about, but once I get into the thick of the day, it’s hard to remember.

Thursday Breakfast

This looks like just an ordinary bowl of cereal, but I was pretty excited about it. I rarely have cereal in the house, but I’ve been craving Frosted Mini Wheats for the last couple of days. I may have mentioned it one or twice (or a hundred times) so when my BF brought a box over last night I was thrilled. Love those little thoughtful gestures!

Thursday Craft Room

I’m in the middle of a craft room redo and I can not wait for it to be done. I often stop in this room in the morning before I leave for work to take a look at whatever project I’m in the middle of. There are days when I can put a scrapbook layout together in no times flat, but most times I prefer to putter around with it, move things around and come back before gluing it down. Sometimes it helps to see it with fresh eyes. Now that it’s getting lighter earlier, I love the way the light streams in. My happy place!

Thursday Welcome

This sight makes me very happy! This is my co-manger and he has been on vacation the last three days. I’m no substitute when he’s away. I can’t help a technician fix a car, I can’t put away all those special tools, and I don’t track the training. But more than that, he is my sounding board and keeps me sane when things get crazy at work. We’ve known each other for a long time and we are in it together.

Thursday Hogan

Speaking of people I work with and have known for a long time, this is my ex-husband. We met in high school, married young, and had a daughter. He was in the Navy and we lived in several places before coming back home to Indiana and getting jobs at the same dealership (him in sales, me in service). After twenty years of marriage, we decided to go our separate ways. Our divorce was as amicable as a divorce could be, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t tough at times. We’d grown up together, many of our friends were the same, our daughter was devastated. But I’m proud of how we handled ourselves- that we get along, that we put our daughter first, and that we can spend time with our families without any drama. We’ve both moved on with other people and are so much happier. That’s how you know it’s the right thing, when there’s no more anger in your heart and you can co-exist peacefully.

Thursday Lunch

I got halfway through my Greek salad from Panera before I remembered to take a picture. This is my go-to meal along with a cup of broccoli cheese soup. They recently started putting on pickled red onions instead of just regular ones and I’m not sure how I feel about it. But I love olives and feta cheese, so I doubt I’ll be changing any time soon.

Thursday BDC

This office houses some of my favorite people in the dealership. This is the BDC (Business Development Center). Sales BDCs have been around for years, but we are one of the few dealerships in the country that have one exclusively for the Service Department. I was responsible for getting it up and running a year ago. It started with one employee and we now have 4 full-time reps. Until I became the Service Manager in September, my desk was in there and I was involved in the day to day running. But now, we have a smart, energetic, wise-beyond-her-years woman running the BDC. It was a little tough stepping back, but I know it’s in good hands.

Thursday Rain

Traffic and rain. Two of my favorite things. Yeah, right. I was glad to finally get out of work to go meet a friend for dinner only to get stuck in this mess. I used to live in the opposite direction that I do now and this was my daily drive. Stop and go traffic all the way. It’s nights like these that I’m reminded how grateful I am to be living where I live.

Thursday Friend

Probably should have told her I was taking her picture and gotten a smile, but I didn’t want to interrupt her ordering and didn’t want to forget. I haven’t seen her since November and that is way too long. I met her when she was going to college with some of my friends from high school and we’ve been close ever since we both moved back to Indy. We’ve been through a lot together. She’s one of the few people I trust with all my secrets and know I can count on- no matter when, no matter why. We don’t see each other as much as we should, but it’s nice to know when we do, we can pick right up where we left off.

Thursday Dinner

We met for dinner at The B Spot. It’s a burger joint owned by Iron Chef Michael Symon. It’s a little pricey, but the food is great. And they have the most amazing shakes! I got a root beer float with a shot of vanilla vodka (yes, please!) and she had a marshmallow banana shake with rum. Good food and fantastic company. What more could a girl want?

After dinner I drove home and did a quick blog post before bed. There’s only two more day left and I’m feeling pretty good about the photos I’ve gotten so far. There are so many talented people posting their pictures online and I am constantly inspired to think  deeply about how to best document my days. Who is inspiring you?

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  1. Hi, loved reading your story about your day….I’m from Indy too! I’m also doing WITL 🙂 have a great weekend!

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