Ready, Sketch, Go Volume 2 is Here!

Based on sketch one from Ready, Sketch, Go Volume 2 |

I can not express how thrilled I am that Ready, Sketch, Go Volume 2 has been released!

I am a huge fan of both Tracie Claiborne and Jen Schow and loved their first class, Ready, Sketch, Go. From the moment they announced there was going to be a second class, I have been waiting (im)patiently. You can read more about my impression of the first class here. It changed the way I scrapbook!

Volume 2 follows the same awesome format- 15 different sketches each with a process video by Tracie and Jen. The sketches alone are well worth the price of admission, but seeing them work and talk through their decisions is invaluable. There are design principles, techniques, and suggestions for altering the sketches to get the most out of each and every one. My first instinct was to hunker down in my craft room and watch all of the videos, one after another. But I haven’t. I want to make it last, to draw out the experience and get every ounce of inspiration. So I’m taking it one sketch at a time and making my own project before moving on to the next. I’m just Type A like that!

Here is my interpretation of Sketch #1

Based on sketch one from Ready, Sketch, Go Volume 2 |

This didn’t follow the original sketch to the letter- that had only two photos, and I’d already decided I wanted to use these- but that is exactly the idea! The sketch is just a starting point and, while I would normally sit around indefinitely, wondering where to start, the sketch took away one the hardest parts of scrapbooking for me. The basic design work is done, leaving me with all the fun stuff. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Based on sketch one from Ready, Sketch, Go Volume 2 |

Stamps + Paper = Faux Stickers

You know those phrase stickers that are so popular? They come on a sheet and are cute and versatile, and awesome? Well, I didn’t have any that were food related, so I made my own. An old stamp set from Studio Calico had exactly what I was looking for. I stamped three of the phrases on white card stock, cut them into strips, and used a tape runner to adhere them to my patterned paper. A couple of chipboard stars and this “sticker” cluster is done.

Based on sketch one from Ready, Sketch, Go Volume 2 |

Splatters- Crafty Jen Schow Style

If you’ve ever watched one of Jen Schow’s videos (and if you haven’t- stop right now and go check out her YouTube channel. I mean it! Right. Now), you know she’s the queen of the perfect splatters. I own a few bottles of Heidi Swapp Colorshine that I bought a while ago when it was on sale at Michael’s. I came home, all excited, and promptly sprayed some on a piece of card stock. It was a disaster! The ink went everywhere, it ran and made a giant mess. It’s been sitting in a box in the closet ever since. Until I saw Jen use it. Instead of spraying it, she unscrews the top and uses the end of the straw (tube?) and taps it. Amazing splatters every time! I don’t even care that I’m probably the last person on the planet to learn this technique. I’m just glad I did!

Based on sketch one from Ready, Sketch, Go Volume 2 |

Making your own embellishments

I was a little torn over how to embellish this layout. I usually scrap with a kit or collection where everything coordinates and there’s a variety of embellishments and types to choose from. But I really wanted to use these papers from Studio Calico, so I had to think outside my comfort zone. I searched through far more than I care to admit and finally settled on two blank labels and a couple of tickets. I cut a banner out of a piece of patterned paper and repurposed the cardboard that came in the paper pack to make a tag.

I still had a brochure from the event and wanted to incorporate it into my layout, but the only part I liked was the cover- the rest was a list of sponsors and vendors. So I cut it up. That date on the tag? Cut from the brochure. Those dancing pierogis? Cut from the brochure. Even the Pierogi Fest title was from the brochure. Quick, simple, and cute.

Do you ever use sketches to jumpstart your creative juices? If you’ve thought about it, but aren’t sure if sketches are for you, I can’t recommend this class enough. Haven’t taken Ready, Sketch, Go Volume 1 yet? Never fear, there’s a fabulous bundle available with both classes here!

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